Wasseem Kowdur

Frozen ATPL | GR III Instructor

Meet your instructor: Wasseem Kowdur

1. What is your favourite part of instructing?

Introducing a student to his first flight is the most amazing part, and taking the student till his CPL is such an achievement for an instructor too.

2. How many hours do you have?

I have over 240 total flying hours.

3. What airplanes can you fly?

C172 | P28A | P28R | PA34

4. Please tell us about your greatest achievement in aviation.

During a safety pilot flight, the aircraft was getting low on fuel due to poor navigation planning
Instructed the student to divert back to Wonderboom before using reserve fuel.

5. What advice would you give to future pilots?

Never to lose hope in your dreams.

Wasseem Kowdur

Frozen ATPL | GR III Instructor

Every takeoff is optional. Every landing is mandatory.

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Important information

Courses Offered

  • PPL
  • Night Ratings
  • Type conversions
  • Ground School


  • Pretoria

Operating Airports

  • Wonderboom