Tanya Yadav

Frozen ATPL | GR III Instructor

Meet your instructor: Tanya Yadav

1. What is your favourite part of instructing?

I absolutely love flying around Wonderboom's airspace. Everyday here brings it's own challenges which I really enjoy and learn lots from. I also love meeting students from all sorts of backgrounds and it's really quite rewarding when your student achieves something. Their win is your win.

2. How long have you been an instructor?

I am almost at 500 hours total time.

3. What airplanes can you fly?

I'm rated on the Cherokee 140/160/180, Piper Arrow and Piper Seneca.

4. Please tell us about your greatest achievement in aviation.

Legally, so far my greatest achievement is my frozen ATPL and MCC on the A320.
But apart from that, I'd say my greatest achievement is training a student to the level of a Private Pilot.

5. What advice would you give to future pilots?

The most difficult thing for the average student pilot is the exam phase of their training. I'd say give it your all and push hard so that your future self will thank you.

Tanya Yadav

Frozen ATPL | GR III Instructor

My name is Tanya and I've been flying since 2017. I got my Frozen ATPL, ME/IR CPL when I was 19 and started instructing when I was 20. Thank you for visiting my profile

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Courses Offered

  • Fixed Wing, Single Engine training by Day and Night


  • Pretoria

Operating Airports

  • Wonderboom National Airport