Kyle Kruger

CFI | ATPL | GR II Instructor

Meet your instructor: Kyle Kruger

1. What is your favourite part of instructing?

For the student - being able to facilitate some of their early experiences of the incredible world of aviation. What a privilege! For myself - constantly being challenged and learning. There is no better way of learning something than by having the responsibility to teach it.

2. How long have you been an instructor?

I have worked in different fields of aviation for 9 years including general admin, international flight operations at an air ambulance service, and foreign airline cadet training as a senior ME instructor for a large flight training academy.

3. What airplanes can you fly?

I have ratings on the usual Cessna and Piper trainers, as well as an instructor rating on the Piper Seminole and a type rating on the Beechcraft 1900.

4. Please tell us about your greatest achievement in aviation.

Studying for and achieving my ATPL in my twenties, while managing the long list of responsibilities of a full time flight instructor springs to mind, much of it during COVID times I might add!

5. What advice would you give to future pilots?

Learn this from day one: Airmanship is not just about how good your stick and rudder skills are. Airmanship is the trait that will define you in aviation, whether good or bad. Not everyone should be flying just because they like or can afford it.

Kyle Kruger

CFI | ATPL | GR II Instructor

Hey. I'm Kyle! I am a Grade 2 Multi Engine instructor, holding an ATPL with 1,300 hours of instruction.

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  • I am fully independent and as such offer personalized and flexible briefings and test/renewal preparation sessions on any subject from Ab Initio to ME IR CPL. This is specifically aimed at the pilot who doesn't feel like they're 'getting it' in the sometimes rushed flight school briefing/groundschool setting, or just prefers off site learning. Please contact me via email to discuss your personal needs.


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