Hamza Alghaber

GR III Flight Instructor

Meet your instructor: Hamza Alghaber

1. What is your favourite part of instructing?

 It’s a pleasure to see someone progressing through there training and feels proud when they pass their check ride.

2. Please tell us about your greatest achievement in aviation.

When English isn’t your first language it gets hard and you don’t see the bright side when things get too much on your plate. I have believed in myself and worked hard to achieve excellent standard in my Commercial flight test and instrument rating test.

3. What advice would you give to future pilots?

Work hard and don’t let anyone destroy your dreams. No matter what they say keep pushing.

Hamza Alghaber

GR III Flight Instructor

Hi my name is Hamza and I am a Grade III instructor with night endorsement.

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Important information

Courses Offered

  • PPL
  • Night Ratings
  • Type conversions
  • Ground School


  • Port Elizabeth